Code Blue Belt

The ultimate solution for rapid, repeat, Accurate Placing of ECG Chest Electrodes within 3 seconds.

The Tapuz ECG Belt is a patented fast-fitted ECG electrodes system for performance of rest EC& The Tapuz Belt replaces the traditional vacuum and adhesive electrode method. With maximun strecth of 80cm.

Tapuz ECG Belt features:
- 12 simultaneous leads for superior diagnosis of acute and chronic heart
- Anatomically accurate electrode-body positioning for consistent and reliable diagnosis
- Ideal for hospitals, clinics and homecare facilities
- Can be connected to any EGG device via banana plugs or studs Cost-effective diseases

Reasons For Using Code Blue Belt
No more tangled wires
No more shaving haiiy chest
No need to remove bras from ladies
No more failing off electrodes with patient having droopy chest
No more missing electrodes and harden rubber ball
Taking off and placing back of chest electmdes in seconds during defibrillation