Individually combinable system components for the optimum treatment of hypo/hyperthermia.

Due to the „AQUA-FOAM-SYSTEM“ the innovative HICO-AQUASOFT combines the positive features of a warming mat with those of a pressure relieving foam-cubemattress. As an accessory it is the ideal supplement to the hypo-/hyperthermia systems HICOAQUATHERM and HICO-VARIOTHERM.


HICO-AQUASOFT is a warming mat with a foam-water-core adjusted to the patient.´The warming mat is equipped with a water-circuit-system and has been specially designed as an accessory for the hypo-/hyperthermia systems HICO-AQUATHERM and HICO-VARIOTHERM. Maximum contact between skin and warming mat safeguards an utmost of heat transfer with pressure relief at the same time, thus minimizing the risk of decubitus. HICO-AQUASOFT is extremely flexible and soft and can be adapted optimally to the position of the patient even when the operating tables are bent. Due to the “circulating heat” (water) the danger of overheating through heat accumulation and electricity is practically excluded.


* 100×50 cm (REF 55 00 70)
* 150×50 cm (REF 55 00 71)


  • Pressure relief partially up to 52 %*
  • Good heat transfer to patient
  • High patient- and user safety
  • soft, flexible and light
  • Skin caring and hygienic
  • Easy to handle
  • Compared with an operating table (Test result of Technical University Berlin)