The Barkey warming center
This is what you can accommodate approx. 18-24 rounded bottles
à 1,000 ml or
24 oval bottles à 1,000 ml or
32 oval bottles à 500 ml or
6 pouches à 3,000 ml or
5 pouches à 5,000 ml

Technical Data

Dimension: W x D x H: 350x702x789mm
(D: incl. transport handle and drawer handles)
Casing contruction: Plastic-laminated insulation plates, transport handle, 4 casters, (two of which brakes)
Drawer construction :

Metal-extension, automatic closing, heating, cut-out on opening.

Barkey is certificated: DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000
DIN EN ISO 13485 : 2003

made in Germany